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Firing pregnant employees costs employers

Firing pregnant employees can be costly – and rightly so. Even if an employer dismisses a pregnant employee for non-discriminatory reasons (such as downsizing), courts will consider the impact of a pregnancy on an employee’s job search. This means larger wrongful dismissal awards or severance packages.

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History of Labour Day in Canada – The Fight for Fairness

Imagine working 66-hour work weeks or more, having no time for family, friends, or even yourself, and where 25 cents an hour was considered good pay. These were the working conditions of the common working class in the late 1800s. Labour conditions were at an all-time low, and the workers were struggling to keep up (Ok, maybe not so hard to imagine in 2022). Hamilton, Ontario workers played an important role in the development of labour rights in Canada in response to these conditions.

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Is your teen worker safe? Occupational health and safety for young workers

You might be surprised to learn that teen workers are at a higher risk of workplace injury than adults. The stereotypical image of an injured worker certainly doesn’t conjure up visions of a teen! But, inexperience and inadequate occupational health and safety training leaves young workers at risk. So, too, can the type of jobs they are more likely to perform. In fact, boys aged 10-17 working in food and beverage services made up more than a third of all work-related emergency department visits according to a 2016 study. This same group of boys made up more than 10% of work-related hospital admissions.

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Working from Home: Health & Safety After the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, working from home or telecommuting has become a widespread practice for many workers in Ontario. As people and workplaces mobilized to contain COVID-19, a greater number of workforces began to merge their home life with their work life. For some, this was an easy transition; for others, combining child-care …

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Homeschool again! The right to work from home or take leave during omicron

With back-to-school after the winter holidays postponed and COVID-19 infection rates high once again due to the omicron strain, January 2022 does not look how we expected. In fact, many employers and schools had penciled in January 2022 as an end to working from home and remote learning. For many, this is no longer realistic. What does homeschooling again mean for your rights at work? Can your employer make you go back to the office? Can you take a leave?

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Are non-compete clauses legal? Do you have a Right to Disconnect from work?

Can your employer make you agree sign a non-compete agreement? Can your boss demand that you respond to emails on the weekend? A new Ontario law bans non-competition agreements and creates a Right to Disconnect from work. At least for some workers. What is the Working for Workers Act? Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, …

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